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All In For This Surgery

Some people like me have the worst time with allergies. It is not just oh my nose is running and I am sneezing all of the time in Spring, but rather I am not able to breathe when it comes to some pollens in the air. It is just about debilitating and I am unable to breathe and maintain normalcy when I am around people. I work in an office so that helps but when I am outside or walking the park to get where I need to go I have the most difficult of times. It is very annoying, a bit embarrassing at times, and I want it to change! I have lived too long to not be able to enjoy a springtime outdoors. Even if it were the level of a normal person I would manage trough decent I’d like to think. Out here in Los Angeles turbinate surgery is the big thing that is happening and working for people so I thought I may just try it out! What have I got to lose? It may help me breathe better and since I do not take to antihistamines and decongestants this is one of the more invasive options to cure me and I am all in for it.