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Spending Your Vacation in Miami

You might be wondering why a lot of people would love to spend their free time down in the South Beach. For starters, Miami has been always one of the top places people go to whenever they are on vacation, not only for people in the United States or Canada, but for a good number of people around the world as well. So for those who still do not have enough reasons to go pack up and visit the wonderful place of Miami, here are just some of the reasons why you should, and how you could go about finding a place to stay once you are there.

The Beach

The Miami Dade County area has a land area of about 1,955 square miles or 3,145 square kilometers with 15 plus miles of pure beach area, making it a great place for those people who love to sit out in the open sun facing the beach, and maybe do a little swimming every now and then. Miami’s beaches have always been at the top of every professional or local listings of top beaches that people could always go to so it is a little reassuring to be spending your beach days out in Miami.


For those who love to stay active, going out to explore a lot of different stuff, Miami is going to be the place for you to go to. It is the home of over 800 parks located all over the Miami area including the ever famous Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park where you get to see different kinds of animals living freely in the wild. Miami also has always been one of the best place to go for all the tennis and golf lovers out there as it provides the award winning tennis courts and golf courses that professionals love to play around.

Finding a Place to Stay

Even though Miami has more than 400 hotels readily available for tourists and visitors, you can always have the choice of renting a house if ever you find yourself looking for a good place to stay in Miami. The good thing about these rental houses is that they are spread all over Miami and you can always get to choose the kind of house you want to stay in for prices that are always reasonable.