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My Relaxing But Grand Turkish Adventure

I found an opportunity to visit so I took one in Turkey. I searched the internet and searched for cheap hotels in Turkey. I stumbled upon Pastoral Valley Eco Farm, also called Pastoral Vadi in Turkish. This farm is renowned for organic farming. The hotel staff themselves do real organic farming practices. The farm specialised in lemons, oranges, olives, and pomegranates. The farm also abounds in vegetables The staff sows and bounty tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, and artichokes. Between the rows of fruit trees, the artichokes are rooted.

The farm served real Turkish meals. All the ingredients of the meals served were farm produce. They are prepared using wood-burning cookers. Woods are used as kindling to give an scent to the place. There are lots of people in the open kitchen area. Hotel staff were always keen on satisfying my inquiring mind. I was lodged in a log cabin during my stay there, which made everything so parochial. The gurgling river behind the kitchen was soothing and calming and was a way to obtain clean clear water. I really like environmental surroundings of the farm. I feel like I am one with nature.

Pastoral Vadi is located in a large region of land covering 42,000 sq. meters. The farm is very near the beach and is surrounded by pine forests. The closest village in the area is Yaniklar. This village is approximately 16 kilometers of Fethiye. Visitors can hike in its myriad walking trails in the forests. The farm has the ideal location since it is near many interesting places. Also, the farm is a good setting to see the true life of ordinary village people in Turkey.

It is a good thing that the farm offers transportation to the beach. It is convenient for visitors to go and swim in the nearby beaches. The farm also provides an outdoor pool that its guests could appreciate. This pool is actually cleaned by non-chemical means. The guests at the farm can also undertake other activities. Boat tours to nearby island destinations can also be arranged at the farm. Snorkeling activities can also be set up. I like my stay in the farm a great deal because of the people I met. It was the farm staff, volunteers and guests who convinced me to stay longer. Even the guests that stay at the farm that I befriended are all great. I was so glad my conversations with them were so revitalizing.

Guests staying in the farm can also learn new skills. Workshops were being offered. Workshops for wine-making and pickling were a couple of what were in store for guests. Basket-weaving and pottery were available for the women folk. You can even enjoy a cheap holidays in January at the farm with your furry friends. And dogs are allowed. The farm is not over packed and that was what I liked best about it. I know my kids will enjoy to run around this farm. The farms two black Labs, Angel and Marie, were my daughter’s favorite. They both got connected to my daughter that we found them sleeping on our balcony. The farm has a presence online, view website for more information.