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Can you defend yourself with a knife?

When it comes to learning self-defense card knife techniques, there is nothing wrong with learning them at all. There is a lot of sound reasoning based upon pure experience that you will learn along the way. Tribal knowledge, and martial arts, is included as you learn self-defense. What you always want to do is only learn what is useful in a real street fight. It comes down to dealing with a situation that does not have any rules, that is completely violent and raw in nature.

You need to become aware of what is around you, get into the habit of noticing your surroundings. No matter where you are, or what time of day it is, this is something you should practice. This is prevention and more importantly help to keep you from being surprised.

Any assailant that comes your way will try to use the element of surprise to their advantage. It may be to your advantage if they understand you are aware of their presence. That is why you need to be aware at all times. In most cases, probably, it will force the person to change his tactics. If they are going to attack you, at least this will allow you to be ready for the assault, instead of being surprised. Going beyond certain points is something that you probably can’t do if you have taken martial arts before. You pull your punches and kicks because you don’t want to seriously hurt your sparring partner. You don’t have any rules when you are on the street. They might bite you, or do something similar, just to get the advantage, attacking your body in various ways. This type of fighting is all about survival, and can be some of the meanest fighting you ever encounter. That also applies to you as well, and you do not pull any punches and fight to put your opponent down and out of action.

Circumstances on the street that concern knives are especially risky. It doesn’t matter if the opposing fighters both are armed with knives; one of them will end up with a cut somewhere. If you find yourself in a situation where someone is wielding a knife; if possible, run for your life. When a person has suffered a knife wound, although it may not look too bad; it could easily be critical and needs immediate attention. A knife slash wound could easily cause a person to go into shock because of the extreme loss of blood quickly. If you have no chance of running, you ought to reach for whatever is handy and try to protect yourself. If you carry a purse or wear a belt, these could be used to ward off your assailant possibly, if there is nothing else at hand.

The Benefits And Uses Of Security Signs

Do you ever feel vulnerable at home? Have you invested a lot of money and effort into your business, property and personal belongings? With rising crime rates in various urban and suburban areas, there is one simple and inexpensive way to help keep your home, business, and other property safe: prominent use and display of security signs.

Over the past few decades a handful of informal studies have demonstrated that the use of security signs, and related decals, actually reduces the number of break-ins and home intrusions. Even if you do not actually own an alarm system, surveillance camera, watch dog, or have a security guard on the premises, the mere presence of a sign will cause most criminals to think twice before attempting any forceful entry or criminal act.

Besides providing an extra level of security, they also provide peace of mind. If you have children, this is all the more important. Home and business break-ins can be traumatic, not to mention create a great deal of financial and emotional havoc. Your home is your castle, and your business is your bread and butter. You can prevent many criminal acts from ever occurring through the use of clearly posted and professionally produced security signs.

Security signs come in various types and styles for your use. There are signs small enough to hang in your window, and others that are large enough to place on a post in your yard, or on the side of a building. Most existing prefabricated signs already contain the phrasing you are looking for, but many companies also produce custom-made security signs, made according to your unique specifications.

Whether you want signs that warn about dogs, or notices about surveillance cameras, or active alarm systems, there is an appropriate sign suited just for you. You do not even have to have the security systems that the signs warn about as their aim is the prevention of the need for such systems, to tell the criminals that it is not worth the risk.