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Keen Psychic Review-Is This The Best Psychic Site?

This article aims to give you an honest review of keen. You may be searching for answers to a relationship problem, or if your ex will get back with you. A talented psychic can help you resolve your problems by guiding you along the right path.

Why you should use a psychic network

It’s safer to use a psychic network as generally speaking most of them have reviews and star ratings. You can sort through them to find one that is suitable for your needs. Keen has a large number of psychics available at any one time so you have plenty to choose from. Depending on the type of reading you want depends on the category you choose. For example you may want a love psychic reading, or you may want a spiritual reading. A good idea is to read profiles and reviews before making a decision on which psychic to use.

Be aware that although a psychic may have an excellent review doesn’t mean that they will guarantee a good connection with you. It’s possible that your chosen psychic won’t be able to tune into your energy for whatever reason. This doesn’t mean to say that they aren’t any good though.

How long has Keen been online?

Keen have been online for over 10 years, and are a well established and popular online psychic network. They are one of the longest running psychic network sites and have a good customer support. If you have a poor experience with Keen they do guarantee a refund up to the value of $25 to spend on another reading. Unfortunately though they won’t give you a cash refund.

How much does it cost for a reading?

There is quite a wide variation in the cost per minute that each psychic charges. If you do decide to give Keen a go, I would advise against using a reader with very high charges. There are plenty of very talented and gifted psychics who charge low rates. Keen offers new customers the first 3 minutes free, however be warned that once you decide to continue the reading, costs can mount up very fast. A good idea is to keep a clock nearby so that you can keep an eye on the time and your spending!

Keen gives the option of either a phone reading or chat reading. If you are nervous you may find it easier and more relaxing to chat. It doesn’t matter if the reader doesn’t hear your voice as they will still be able to tune into your energy.

So in conclusion should you use Keen? There is no guarantee that your reading will be a good one, but the $25 refund does mean that you can always try another psychic for free. The site is easy to navigate and you do get a large number of psychics to choose from.