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10 Tips For Taking Outdoor Photos

Tips For Taking Outdoor Photos

One of the biggest challenges in getting a good photograph these days is learning something about lighting. Most cameras will focus well with little work, but the lighting can be a problem. The camera can be set to let less light in, but the camera can only do so much. When you are taking outdoor photos, lighting can come between you and a great shot. With a few simple tips you can learn to take better pictures outdoors. Those special moments do not have to be lost simply because you were aiming in the wrong direction, or because you underestimated what sunlight can do to a picture.

You have to understand that the sun is the most powerful source of light there is. If you try to fight with the sun, the sun will always win. Most digital cameras today are made to take amazing photos outdoors. This is to your advantage as long as you keep a few things in mind. The number one thing to remember about outdoor photos is that you should never take pictures directly into the sun. If you take a picture with people lined up in the front of the sun, they will be shadows at best and your outdoor pictures will be ruined. There are some settings you can use to take pictures of sunsets and the like, but for the most part, pointing at the sun never works.

Instead, take great outdoor photos by using the sun instead of fighting against it. This means putting your back to the sun when you are going to take a photograph. Just make sure your shadow is not falling into the framing of your intended picture. The light from the sun will naturally bathe your subjects with great lighting and you should have some great photographs to show for your trouble. Even a sun half covered by clouds should work well for you when taking outdoor photos.

You can take great outdoor photos without the help of the sun. You can put your subject in the shade and still get amazing pictures. This is because the sun is so powerful that it works just as well even in the shade. In fact, for the best pictures, this is often the way to go. You should take your camera out and see where it works best, as they all take pictures a little differently. You’ll know where you should aim for the best outdoor photos after you have done a test run with your camera. Take your kids out, or anyone you would like, and see what happens in different natural, outdoor lighting situations.

As mentioned above, you should always look for shadows no matter where you choose to take outdoor photos. Shadows can ruin the best pictures if you are not careful. Not only should you worry where your shadow is lying across a shot, you should also make sure the subjects in your outdoor photos are not casting shadows on each other. If you are up against a wall, make sure the shadow is not on the wall, or it could add a strange dimension to your picture that does not look good.