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Personal Responsibility and the Power of Positive Thinking

Personal responsibility is something I discovered when I was about 40. This article is about what happens to children and why they take personal responsibility for the things that were done to them or said to them by adults. It’s sad that adults say and do things to kids and they have no idea how bad those things hurt. This is something I know a lot about as I was physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally abused by my parents and other adults in my life. I also know the problems this causes later in life as I was pretty much a classic, textbook case, of how to ruin a person for life. Learn why at this link

What is personal responsibility? So we can keep it straight here is a definition of personal responsibility as I see it. You need to own every thought, word, emotion or action that you feel, say, do or have. Reality is unless someone is holding a gun to your head, you are responsible for what you thought, said, felt or did. A responsible person never says “She made me mad” as being mad was a choice that person chose to make. A responsible person doesn’t say things in anger that hurt other people. They don’t do things in anger that hurt children. They recognize that their words and actions have consequences and they take responsibility for those consequences.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking? Are you doing it? You do know there is a big difference between thinking positive and believing positive? When you say you are thinking positive it’s more than likely that the positive thinking you are doing is, at best, a thin veneer over a ton of negative thinking.

You see, that’s the major problem with positive thinking and why it doesn’t work for most people. They believe that nice shiny veneer on top of all their doubts and fears is all that exists. They don’t even recognize that on a deeper level they still have almost all the doubts and fears they had before they started using positive thinking. Click the link to learn how positive thinking will help you have a better life