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An authority site is what you make it

An authority site is what you want if you are developing a website for long term income. You really do need to do some things differently if you are going to have an authority web site. In this website article you will learn the best ways to build your own authority websites.

If you are putting up old or irrelevant information it’s not likely Google will ever consider you an authority site. That’s because authority sites are full of good, helpful information and advice. When you land on an authority site you shouldn’t have to hit the back button and try another result from the serps.

Surfers love authority web sites and stay on them for a long period of time. Do everything right and Google will love your website, do it wrong and expect to get no or little traffic.

Developing a website to be an authority web site is not as hard as you might think. When you are developing your authority website you will do many of the same things you’re doing now but there are some extra things you will have to do to get the status you want with Google, as an authority on the subject.

Your authority sites articles will be longer than what you usually write for your site. Articles should be a minimum of 800 words with over 1000 words being even better. That give you plenty of words to cover the topic as thoroughly as it can be covered and provides current, relevant information or solutions to the surfers who visit your web sites.

When you are finished with the design of you web site, on paper, and are starting to develop it the first thing to consider is SEO. Getting the right keywords is imperative. However you need to pick your keywords carefully. Try to find at least 100 keywords or keyword phrases you can use when developing a web site. That will give you enough keyword phrases to make your site and your future updates to your site. Authority sites are generally updated often rather than just left to sit for months at a time.

While it may look hard to make authority websites, after you develop a couple of sites with authority it will get a lot easier. The first one, done the right way, is always harder than taking a bunch of shortcuts hoping for the quick buck. Those sites get devalued, penalized or deindexed and that’s not what you want. You want to do it right, have a great site, make a lot of money and be free of the fear of the search engines doing something that hurts your site.

How To Increase Online Marketing Power

If you’ve been around the world of online marketing long then it is likely that you have heard of the common ways of getting your word out.

* You know SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
* Social networking with graphics and videos.
* Even article marketing is still alive.

These have always been great ways of marketing your Web site.

But there is something even better when you combine the social power worlds of Facebook and Pinterest with branded images and word search power.

Here are the steps you need to follow to make this happen.

1. Find a “pin it to win it” campaign giving away $600 worth of online marketing results.

2. Follow Facebook campaigns to said Pinterest contest.

3. Follow the details available at this Pinterest link

That is how to increase the power of your online marketing results today.