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Our Time In Transition

Jobs can lead people and families into places that they have not yet ventured to. Jobs can cause an absolute uproot of a family unit and plant them in a new or foreign place away from everyone that they had gotten to know in their community. For us it was a move from our little town in New Mexico to a more populated town in Arizona called Paradise Valley. With the whole big move comes the other things in life such as the move into a new house, new school’s for the kids, and just a new environment to adjust to. Driving and getting lost is just the beginning part of it all. As far as the house thing goes, we are picky and we are looking into a Paradise Valley custom home to live in. This will eliminate all of the special needs that we have and it will be just-so to our liking. Once the house plans are settled we should be good to go. As far as the school systems go, it should be a smooth transfer for the kids but the emotional side is the steeper climb here.