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Do You Suffer from Damaged Hair?

Let’s talk about fixing damaged hair which has been damaged due to issues like hair color, excessive exposure to sun, pollution and several others and learn solutions to get them once again alive.

The Brand Of Shampoo You Use

It is quite possible the culprit of your weakened hair is your shampoo for the reason that it has substances which makes hair thin and very fragile over a period of time.


A large number of women get split ends trouble. This problem can be solved from simply trimming your hair which you can do yourself or if you don’t feel confident enough, an appointment to a hair specialist is recommended.


Thorough conditioning is exceptionally effective for fixing damaged hair. Even though you are able to use conditioners available in the market but if you Rather be putting something natural then you can opt for egg yolk.

When you dry drying your hair it is better to opt for air drying rather than blow drying which can bring serious damage to your hair and eventually make them to fall off.

Applying Oil

To make hair stronger and healthier there is no better way than to apply oil frequently. Oils like that of coconut or sesame can supply our hair with vital nutrients and avert problems such as weakened hair, dandruff and premature greying.

Herbal medicine

There are some herbs which can assist and help out in giving strength to hair. Saw palmetto is very widely used by folks who suffer from hair loss as it is proven to bring down quantities of DHT in the body.

So if you suffer from hair problems, we hope that these idea will benefit you in overcoming them and if your hair is healthful it is advisable to engage in good care of them so that they last right through your existence.