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In The Off Season

I love that time of year when the weather is just right to hit the lake and get out there to catch some fish. It just brings a smile to my face and I like the quietness of it and the thrill of the moments it brings. As for now though, here in the winter the second-best thing I can do is read and look at the pictures online at the Minnesota fishing blog sites that are out there. I decided to join one of them so I could join in the discussion. It was amazing to me too because I actually got real involved in a conversation about lures and what is best to use and it really felt like I was a part of some big political conversation. Who knew this would be such a hot topic to talk about. Heck that is just about the reason I joined was to give my two cents in to the blog comments. Check out this website to see what all I am talking about. Hope that makes it a bit easier for you all out there who want to pipe in.