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Back Up Your Important Data Online

Backing up your data and information as a small business owner is perhaps one of the most important things you can do. But sadly too many still do not do it!

There are two types of data back up – local data backup where your business information is on your local computer, office or inside your desk and online data back up where you pay a company to help you keep your business information on their remote server online.

The reason for backing up your information is so that you can always recover it back in case someone steals it, destroys it or tries to modify it, or if it gets deleted or damaged in some way.

5 of the best online backup services are:

1. Cloud Online Storage
2. Spider oak
3. Crashplan+
4. Jungle disk
5. Baracuda backup service

There you have it! 5 of the best online back up services you can find. And these services do not cost much to use for small businesses and they are available to virtually every business owner in the world. We have studied the offerings from all but to make up your own mind you really need to try them first. Cloud Online Storage allow you to do that through offering a free 30 day trial. To take advantage of that visit – Back up your data online before anything tragic happens!