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My Rollie Eggmaster Review – A Different Way To Make Breakfast

I recently decided to try out a device for cooking my eggs in the morning: the Rollie Eggmaster. I saw it advertised on TV one time and thought it would be a good little gadget to try out.

How It Works

The basic premise behind the Rollie Eggmaster is that you cook your eggs in a tube-shaped device. It doesn’t require any cooking oil. All you have to do is crack your eggs into the cylinder opening and within eight minutes they will be ready. I document my whole experience with this gadget over at my blog.

However, one of the great things with this device is that you can make a lot of different recipes. For instance, the other day, I crumbled up some crackers in it with my eggs. It made a tube shaped egg product that was quite delicious.

Is Rollie Eggmaster Right For You?

This conversation was discussed in greater detail over at

I will sum it of briefly in the following sentences.

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t have much time to make breakfast in the morning, then you may want to look into this device. It is super easy to use and doesn’t require much clean-up. Really, you can just cook eggs while you’re doing other things and then eat an egg-tube on your way out the door.

However, if you’re more of a traditional breakfast person, than the idea of eating eggs in a tube may not appeal to you t hat much!

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