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Dugi’s WOW Instance Leveling Guide Offers Faster Leveling

Once they see the new WOW instance leveling guide created by Dugi, many fans of the World of Warcraft game will forget everything they have ever known about the best way to power-level new characters. For anyone who has grown tired of repeating quests and grinding patterns over and over, Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling Guide provides a long-overdue new way to quickly achieve level-eighty status. Learn more about quest helper and improve gaming experience.

Players who have leveled more than one Warcraft character over the years have often complained about the tedium involved with the two main methods used to raise character levels. Questing, which still serves as the foundation of this online game, might have enabled players to be a part of the storyline but there are only so many times that one can gather ten piles of bones before losing interest.

The alternative strategy did not offer much more by way of excitement, as it involved seemingly endless circuits of grinding activity. Again, a player can only kill so many wild boars and fearsome monsters for experience before that technique also begins to lose its luster. The grind had, like questing before it, become more than a little tedious.

A fresh look at instances

Dugi’s new system for empowering characters is only the latest attempt to breathe new life into the dungeon experience, but it offers new hope for anyone tired of quests and monster-hunting. Since the experience that is available from dungeon quests is two times that which can be gained outside of a dungeon, this new strategy of gaining levels within instances is long overdue.

What the system does

Before any player can utilize dungeons to level a character, he must first be able to locate and complete the quests that are involved in the instance. Dugi’s software-based system takes care of all of that by providing in-game advice and directions that can assist any player in acquiring the appropriate quests for any dungeon and then meeting the requirements for completion faster than he might have ever thought possible.

Moreover, the manual comes with maps to every important dungeon in the Warcraft world. Even more important for both avid and casual gamers is the fact that the software accurately tracks quest progress so that nothing is ever missed while inside the various instances.

So, forget everything that the experts have been saying about the uselessness of the dungeons that exist in the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Though players can still find new excitement in all of the vast new regions of Azeroth that have been unveiled in recent years, those old dungeons can once again be just as exciting for players who choose to use this WOW instance leveling guide. Get the latest wow quest helper and level up faster.