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Post-Christmas Cleanup

So we are now post-Christmas this year and the cleanup has been an animal of its own. Thankful our Maple Grove garbage service had recycling and trash pickup the day after Christmas so we were able to get rid of the trash, wrapping paper, and other plastic toy containers that came with gifts this year. It was a nice feeling to get rid of that stuff instead of having it clog our bucket for almost a whole week more! That would have been to much for me and the clean freak that I am. Our trash can is a cleaning tool in our house. When the house starts to get busting at the seams with stuff, we make sure that our buckets are full each week with stuff. Sure we donate thing as well, but something are salvageable. Click here to get a head start on the knowledge of what your city pickup schedule is and if they offer an special pickup items if they are bulky or something. This applies for those who are in St. Michael and the surrounding area. Now for the New Years we are not having the party at our house, so I will not be stressing like I was over the mess of Christmas and having family over.