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How To Operate An Electric Boat Winch

A boat winch is a drum designed to turn in one direction (clockwise) only. In the case of a manual winch, it is rotated with a handle applying brute physical effort. In the case of an electric boat winch, electrical power takes the place of physical power. Winches on boats can be used to raise and lower sails, fishing nets or anchors; to move cargo above and below deck; and to unload and load products.

To begin with, the process can be executed at the ship helm by pressing a button. This preventing the need to actually move to the bow to carry out the task yourself. Additionally, it leaves hands free to perform other tasks.

Second, there is no tangled rope and chain in the anchor well since the anchor rode is securely tethered to, and wraps around the revolving drum component of the windlass.

Electric powered vessel winches may involve custom production to allow for the specific spaces on yachts into which they must be installed and operate. Some electric boat trailer winch may be controlled by remote control, adding to their flexibility.