Search Engine Ranking – Getting Your Kicks from Your Clicks

Mention the term search engine marketing to lots of people, and you’re going to get a momentary look of puzzlement and respect. The thought that people could use the mighty power of Google or Bing to work for them is like an awe-inspiring concept. What’s a little strange about all this is, information about achieving good search engine ranking and then exploiting that for your business is a topic that they’ve written reams about. Search for something like this on the Internet, and you’ll know. Even so, it’s just something that has the ring of arcane – because people just don’t pay attention. And that’s where it gets its mystique.

Part of the problem comes from the fact that information about using search engine ranking techniques isn’t really written for the layperson. They assume a certain amount of fundamental knowledge, and never explain anything too clearly. They feel their audience is already pretty expert. Let’s however turn out by defining the basic terminology they use in this arcane art.

Your first stop in understanding this field is search engine optimization. This is pretty simple conceptually. It is to design your website in such a way that Google and any of the other major search engines will think to look to your website when someone searches for something relevant. Businesses can of course afford to pay for their advertising on Google. The results appear on the right margin of the top border on Google for instance for all sponsored pay-per-click advertising links. The trouble is, advertising links, while they put you right where you need to be at the top, don’t really earn you the kind of respect you would need to really get your clicks. Getting results in the main body of the Google results page is what nets you the respect you need. And for that, you need a competent search engine optimizer to help you design your website.

While you can do some pretty magical things with SEO to get search engine ranking, your basic SEO is only about three things – finding out what phrases or words you can sprinkle throughout your website to have Google think of you when someone types in a relevant search, how many times do you use the keyword phrase in your website, and where and how you get other websites to link to you.

While that sounds easy enough to get search engine ranking with, finding the right keywords is kind of difficult. And having those words appear enough times and in the right places through your website will need content management skills and programming skills, and having other websites link to you isn’t easy.

Getting top search engine ranking is great news. But not always. You need to come out on top for just the phrases that the buying public uses. There are phrases that you could use that would get you top billing with time wasting surfers. That would only waste your resources. You need to be sure your website doesn’t come up for generic searches, and you need to make sure that it does, for the very phrases people use who buy.

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