Ice Ball Mold – A Cool Way to Use Leftover Coffee

Have you ever made a pot of coffee and then got so busy doing other things that you didn’t have tome to drink what you made? What do you do? Don’t trow it out! Here is a “cool” idea of what to do with that left over coffee – use an ice ball mold.

Just take what is left in the pot and put it in the refrigerator. Then when you have a little more time, you can make some ice balls to put in it for iced coffee. And even better still, take some of that coffee and make iced coffee balls! What do I mean ice balls? Well there is this clever silicone mold made by Kitchen Top Secret that you can fill with just about any liquid and put it into the freezer and it forms balls of ice! Pretty sweet huh?

So, when that late afternoon energy level has a bit of a drop. The coffee you put in the fridge will serve you well. Just pour it in a glass over one of your Kitchen Top Secret Ice Balls, and add some milk, cream, or half-n-half to it! You might even try to add some flavoring to it – if it isn’t already a flavored coffee. It will brighten up your mood and make that last few hours of work go a little easier. The Ice ball melts pretty slowly, so it is liable to last right up to 5pm even if you are a slow drinker.

So don’t waste that left over coffee! Use your ice ball mold to give it a second life! It looks cool too!

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