Air Duct Cleaning Services

The Toronto duct cleaning market today includes dozens of various companies who offer a wide variety of cleaning methods, procedures and pricing.

We have the experience and the proper equipment to do an amazing and thorough duct cleaning job in any home or business. We use a truck-mounted vacuum system and compressed air, and we have several important air tools that allow us to reach into normally inaccessible areas.

Our service includes cleaning of air vents, connector pipes and main duct work, and always includes the cleaning of your furnace blower and air conditioning coil as well as all compartments of your HVAC system.

Everything you need to have done is included in the price of our service, whereas, several companies offer the cleaning of those components as an upsell to the customer.

Other servies you may want to consider are dryer vent cleaning and exhaust systems cleaning. You’d be amazed at how dirty these systems get as well.

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