New Methods on How To Train Dogs Better with Great Results

There are new methods on how to train dogs better and faster and more humanely. Gone are the days when dogs were subjected with training that bordered on being cruel. Even the dog whisperer, Cesar Milan always tells pet owners that you have to show your dog that your top dog or the alpha in the relationship. You have to be in command at all times. You also have to be firm and consistent and know what you want them to do.

When housetraining a puppy, start with designating a place where the puppy can go if outdoors is not an option. This is true if you’re in the office all day and won’t get back until dinner time. There’s about 8 hours in the day when your puppy will be alone by himself and with no access to the outside yard. This designated place should be made clear by putting down wee wee pads for your puppy.

Other new methods on how to train dogs better are by clicker training and crate training. A system of positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement is what makes this an effective training method. Use one that is best for the breed of dog you have and also the age of your dog. Puppies are easy to train especially if you’re its first owner. You can read more about how to train dogs better on our website.

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