Early Warning Signs Of Autism

With one in 88 children being diagnosed with autism, most of the parents will want to know about autism symptoms in infants. “Can my child have autism?” This is one of the most common questions among parents with new born babies. Autism isn’t generally diagnosed until the age of three, but signs of developmental delay can appear in infants before they are six months old. Parents are able to spot warning signs of autism in its earliest form if they are aware of the autism symptoms in infants. This article will highlight some of the early warning signs of autism in toddlers.

1. Doesn’t smile or rarely smiles when approached by the caregivers. Infants usually smiles when they are smiled at, but babies with autism often doesn’t respond to smiles from caregivers.

2. Rarely imitates expressions. Infants with autism doesn’t try to imitate sounds, simple facial expressions and other movements that the caregivers make.

3. Normal infants will reach up to the parents when tried to be picked up. But infants with autism will not respond in such a way.

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