Girls With Autism Have More Learning Disabilities Than Boys

Many people do not know this, but autism effects girls as well as boys. There is a lot of misinformation out there that leads people to believe that girls are not susceptible to this condition. There are some differences between autism in girls and boys. You can educate on them of you take the time to continue reading.

Girls with autism seem to have more learning disabilities than boys. This means that they have a harder time performing academically than autistic boys do. While this does not mean that every autistic girl has academic issues that are greater than autistic boys of her age, the reality is that it is much more likely to happen than not.

Autism in girls is not usually diagnosed correctly. It is very common for an autistic girl to be labeled as anxious or shy, when the reality is that it is a lot more serious than that. Autistic children to fixate on objects and actions, and the differences make the reasoning behind the false diagnosis a bit clearer. While girls with autism fixate on things like unicorns and flowers, which are things many girls like, boys tend to fixate on things like lines on the wall or repetitively counting things.

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