Polish It Off With A Label

So you are one of those types that brews their own beer at home? Well done. Mission accomplished. Do you have a beer label to identify it? Ha ha yes that is a whole-nether topic entirely it seems. Most home brewers do not add that finishing touch that ties it all together as a finished and polished product. If you are skeptic about beer labels, just try them out and decide for yourself. Before you do, consider beer label blanks. These are beer labels that allow you to write and erase as you wish. Yes– you get the idea now. It is like a reusable label for your beer. But wait–there is more. More good news that is. Not only can you get a reusable beer label but you can safely put your brews into an ice cooler with water and ice and unlike paper labels, they will not peel and flake off. It may sound too good to be true, but really it is a reality. Skeptical? Try it out and really see for yourself how it works out.

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