In any computer unit or local…

In any computer unit or local and remote network of linked computers, there will always be the need to conduct viewing and analysis of its log files. IT companies, electronic companies, production companies or any company using a network of computers would need to have their computer networks viewed and analyzed for a lot of viable reasons and purposes. These log files, which are produced by all the network devices connected to the computers or to the entire network are used to do troubleshooting tasks, find faults or track progress on a specific log file inside the local area network of computers. But what are the different kinds of tasks and functions can a log viewer and analyzer do? Listed below are just a few of those functions that a log viewer or log analyzer can do to the local network system.


Log files, as mentioned above, can come from various sources depending on which device these log files can come from. This is the reason why log files from a lot of different sources may vary in terms of formatting of various basic information for identification of log files like date and type of log file. A log analyzer can automatically change these different log files so that it can be viewed neatly and in a uniformed manner.

Recognition of Pattern

Different kinds of log files may act differently especially when there is an anomaly or an infiltration caused by viruses, malware or similar items. This is the reason why a log analyzer can be able to run a specific log file beside a recorded normal running pattern to be able to identify issues and errors that may cause further problems to the entire system or to the business in the future.

Tagging and Classification

Another function or special feature that a log analyzer can do is the ability to select a certain log file, tag it with unique keywords so that it will be easier to locate these log files in the future should the need arise. This is mostly important because some log files can quickly manifest an error inside the system and tagging these would help in the fast troubleshooting of such errors.


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