Decorate Your Home With Safety Stair Treads

Outdoor stair treads can feature materials including grit aluminium or steel. While these heavy duty metals provide a luxurious look and improved protection, unique capabilities including glow in the dark strips that illuminate the steps are also for sale. These popular enhancements fill the climbing section with additional lighting. The special lighting is a good addition when navigating stairs at night. During bad weather, or in areas with plenty of water, this design feature can help to protect visitors when climbing up or down wet slippery steps. Normally available on the front edges of vinyl stair steps, the light strips furthermore assist people to see precisely where the steps are when it may be hard to find them.

As businesses seek to prevent problems caused by slippery walking surfaces like marble, granite or concrete floor, rubber stair treads are being used in many businesses. These can be made with appealing embossed patterns such as squares, circles or diamonds. The embossing helps to provide essential grip. With a range of color choices, the rubber can still add to the indoor decor or outdoor ambiance of the area. In areas of large foot traffic, or spaces where water features are common, the extra security of these outdoor stair treads is quite welcome.

Lightweight aluminium, vinyl, and rubber are available in various traditional widths. All of these can be trimmed to match unusual widths. Most can be set up indoors or outdoors onto wood, concrete, slate, marble, or treated wood steps.

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