New World Wines For The Wine Novice

New World Wines are those produced outside the traditional wine growing areas of Europe which are known as old world. The Wine Information – The Beginner’s Blog specializes on information about New World Wines, it is easy to understand and is perfect for the wine beginner. New World Wines are marketed to a larger general audience and are considered a wine value and sometimes are known as cheap wines. The wines are not aged as much as some others but the winemakers have learned to use the art of blending different wines to make the wines drinkable sooner.

Join us to learn about the wines from Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, United States and even some from Canada. These wines are normally perfect to use as your everyday or very suitable for a novice beginning their wine experiences.

When discussing less expensive, I prefer the term inexpensive wines compared to cheap. I find them perfect as my everyday wine but also on weekends as hamburger wine or deck wine. These are wines made to enjoy not to over analyze.
If looking for a white wine that is clean, crisp and refreshing then try a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. This is a dry wine with a melon or grapefruit type finish that works as a beverage but is best served with foods such as seafood, fish or a salad.

A red wine that is easy to drink and can stand a little chill (20 minutes) is a Oregon Pinot Noir. This is a dry wine that has low tannin, light in body and perfect for a nice beverage wine.

Want to learn more about the New World Wine then I suggest you check out this easy to understand Wine Information – A Wine Beginner’s Wine Blog.

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