Drink Wine to be Green

Is Organic Wine Green?

If you choose to enjoy wines that helps promote the health of your body, the workers and our planet, my green hat is off to you!!

The key to finding a any wine is to learn to read the wine labels, the front and the back label of the wine to gather needed information.

When you look at the wines, one label says:

  • The wine is made from 100% organic grapes.
  • Another bottle says that its contents are bio-dynamic.
  • The next claims the wine to be sustainable and organic.

Are You Organically Wine Confused Yet?

With different wine information and terms like this it can be hard to figure out the wine and determine the taste of the organic wine before you buy it ? To make a good decision about any wine, organic or not, you need to have some basic wine knowledge. A great place to learn is online at is at Wine Information. The site is full of free wine information that is easy to understand. Designed for the wine beginner.

In United States, the wine makers don’t get to claim the organic label unless they first register and qualify their wine practices. Once they have registered they are required to follow strict rules.

In the wine industry adhering to strict rules is not the way wine makers have learned to make a good wine. It is these rules that make it hard to find a good tasting organic wine because it puts limitations on the wine maker.
A true 100% organic wine requires a process that involves no preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers or chemical cleansers.

This makes the process, from growing, fermenting and bottling much more difficult for the winemaker and shortens the shelf life of the wine.
These are the main reasons it is hard to find 100% certified organic wine.

Using organic cleansers and preservatives does not work well for wine maker and the wines have a short shelf life and can spoil easily.
Another problem with trying to buy 100% organic wine, is that there isn’t any gold standard like the Good House Keeping of Wine – no seal that helps you know what you’re buying. Usually, you have to read everything on both labels to find out how it’s made and then it can still be hard.
There is One Rule to Follow: If the label does not say 100% organically grown grapes, do not buy the wine.
See, I have learned from experience to buy wine made from 100% organically grown grapes. If the wine producer went through the trouble of growing his/her grapes organically then he/she will not likely be adding all kinds of additional chemicals to the wine.

Many will use sulfur dioxide for a preservative because it is tried and true. I makes their wine and life better.
Now sulfur dioxide is a natural bi-product of the wine process. It is also used as a cleaner and preservative in the wine process.
Some people have a problem with it and should look for No Sulfite Added wines (NSA wines) which will not have any additional sulfite added during the process. Caution here: Make sure the wine is fresh as the sulfur dioxide is normally the preservative of choice.

If you want to learn more about organic wine ..check it out.


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