CFC Out In The World And In The Shop

At our shop here we manufacture Freon. This is more commonly known as a CFC or a chlorofluorocarbon. Over the past three decades CFCs have gotten a bad reputation for they are known to cause harm to our Earth’s ozone layer. The thing about CFCs is that there are something created that simply need this compound. It contains carbon, chlorine, fluorine, and methane and ethane. CFCs are used in solvents, propellants such as fuel, and refrigerants to keep items cold. Here at our shop we are looking at getting a few new gas compressors. We have looked online at fluorine compressors and frankly we were impressed with what options are out there. It is not every day that someone like us receives customer service with a smile in return. The folks on the other end of the line were very friendly and I think this is a great business relationship blooming here.

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