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One of Many Quick Desserts you can Make Today!

I appreciate dessert and so do my children. Often times I purchase one instead of doing my own. Because I have been continuing to keep my food costs lower, I have already been creating my own more often however it does take time. You will find there’s super quick dessert and a great concept for easy desserts for your kids. This is one easy recipe of my own:

Cake in a mug: This is one particular dessert that features noticeably inside the quick desserts area. And so why wouldn’t it when all it requires is a mug, flour, oil, egg and chocolate so you can get gooey, hot and utterly delectable dessert very quickly. Really the only effort for making a cake in a mug will be to mix all the ingredients and bake or microwave it.

Enjoy this scrumptious but yet simple delicious quick dessert today! More on my website here: http://easystarters.com/quick-desserts/