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Wine Basics for Wine Beginners

Some Simple Wine Basics

We all know that wine comes in two basic types, white wine and red wine. There is also a third type and that is rose or blush wine. Roses are hard to find but many styles of White Zinfandel can be found.

I have recently been reminded by a Wine Beginner that there is now a fourth type called “green” or organic wine. Lucky they are not really green in color. If you want more info on organic check out this Wine Information- Wine Beginner Wine Blog and the post on green organic wine.

White wines are normally made from white wine grapes and the red from the red wine grapes. What a lot of people don’t understand is that when any wine grape is squeezed the juice comes out white. Then how do we get some of those beautifully colored red wines?

During the wine process the red grapes are crushed. The red skins and even the stems are left in the wine to soak as fermentation starts. The longer the skins soak in the wine the darker the color becomes.

Ever wonder where they came up with the wine “White Zinfandel”? Normally Zinfandel is a dark red wine. Years ago the trend for the American people was simply to drink red wines. Like all trends this was to change. The new trend changed to drinking white wines which could be drank cold. The wine growers were caught with their fields full of red zinfandel grapes.

To make a long story short the winemaker pulled the skins from the red zinfandel tank sooner, leaving the wine a light pink color which was then called White Zinfandel. The wine was sweeter than a normal zinfandel and could be drank cold. Problem solved.

The color, grape blend and alcohol content are all determined by mother nature and the wine blender. Depending on what is found in the raw wine will influence the blender, along with his/her expertize and palate on developing a wine.

What to learn more about why white wines have acidity and red wines have tannin go to a easy to understand, see the article on New World Wine and follow the informative links.