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Funnel Flux Makes Affiliate Marketing As Simple As 1 – 2 – 3

If you’re into affiliate marketing you know you need to track your ads and complex sales funnels. There is a new software out on the market called,’Funnel Flux’, and it’s taking the Internet by storm. One of the main advantages of Funnel Flux is, it is very fast code and is incredibly responsive. You can install Funnel Flux on any shared hosting account. And on a VPS you can receive up to 4 million you hit per day without a problem.

Funnel Flux is visual creation grid will catch your eye immediately. You can create complex sales funnel in a very short time with great accuracy. You can also set up and get a normal single off or landing page/squeeze page offerin her matter of seconds.

One feature though you need to note is, you will longer need to put this script into your landing pages to detect a conversion in your final. The only time you will need to place any kind of script is, if you need to place a tracking pixel or post the URL into your affiliate network offer landing page.

This software makes affiliate marketing less time-consuming and seem like much less of a chore. You might even think it fun once you try the software. You can learn more at the Funnel Flux review.