Proper Coffee Bean Storage

Coffee Bean Storage

Do you worry about coffee bean storage? Not to many people will lose sleep over coffee bean storage. But if you don’t worry, you may continue to drink a cup of disgusting stale coffee. There is one thing I can’t figure out. The coffee drinker will take their time to buy good coffee beans, and spend lots of money on buying the best coffee makers, then storing their top quality coffee beans in the bag or can they came in. Doesn’t it make sense to purchase a good quality airtight coffee container or two.

Find out more about the best ways to store coffee beans ! Plus some good reading about the different coffee types, why coffee beans go bad, and how you can implement some simple coffee bean storage tricks to ensure that your coffee tastes as good as good as when you first bought it.

Coffee’s Natural Enemies

Air is an obvious one: Fresh air will react with the complex chemical composition of the coffee beans, especially once they have been roasted. This produces a gradual change in the flavor which leaves the beans tasteless, and odorless. In your coffee cup in the morning, this means a cup of brown and hot sludge. This is easy to fix: keep the beans in an airtight container.

Moisture also affects coffee bean storage: keeping your beans dry will help keep them fresh, inhibit the growth of molds or bacteria. Keeping the beans in the refrigerator or freezer also exposes your beans to moisture. This is easy to fix: keep the beans in an airtight container that keeps the moisture out.

Sunlight when exposed to sunlight, coffee beans will be gently heated perhaps for prolonged periods of time, if you leave the coffee jar in the sun. The light itself will also impact the delicate flavors of the coffee beans. This is easy to fix: keep the beans in an colored airtight containers.

Heat is a naturally destroys the flavors of coffee beans. The only time you what heat by coffee beans is when are roasting it or brewing it. Exposure to inappropriate heat prior to use will remove some of the flavors you are looking for. Keep your beans cool. This is easy to fix: keep the beans in an colored airtight container in a lower cabinet away from sunlight or appliance heat.

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