Grass Or Artificial Turf, People?

My family and I live in sunny California. Right now our dream home is being built and it recently came up that we are considering California artificial turf installation in our yard-scape instead of traditional green growing, real grass. The benefit here is that our kids can play on the field outback and it would virtually be like them playing on the turf like professionals do. The maintenance is also something that we are considering the benefits of. I read on it here for more information and I am leading towards artificial turf right now. Turf versus grass. Basically the whole reason why I am writing this blog is to find out what others think about the two choices we have before us. How has turf worked out for you? What is it really like to have about a soccer sized field of grass in your backyard. The cost is also something we are taking into consideration. We do not want to be foolish–who does?– we want to make a wise and informed decision, that’s all. If we do go with traditional grass we will have to mow it and likely get a riding lawn mower. That or we would hire someone to take care of our yard-scape on weekly basis depending on the time of year. OK–thoughts anyone?

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