Great Kitchen Secrets by Chef Tony Notoro

It contains over 5000 secrets of everything you could imagine to help you in the kitchen or the home. Great Kitchen Secrets is the book that makes easy living in the kitchen! All the secrets you could imagine and helpful shortcuts to make life in the kitchen fun.

Let me ask a question? How many times have you went to get the sour cream, opened it up only to find it’s all watery and pasty looking. One trick this book gives for that, is just turn the sour cream upside down when you place it in the refrigerator and store it that way, It will last much longer. Or what about a dryer sheet that makes a pan sparkle like new? Yep you heard me right. This is terrific!

Tele brands has launched a new series of books with the idea to save readers money and to give them do-it-yourself solutions for the home and kitchen. The book were reviewing today is one of the best and is titled “ Grandma Knows Best: Great Kitchen Secrets By Chef Tony Notaro. It contains over 5000+ secrets to save time and money in the kitchen, as well as safety, cleaning and organizing tips.

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