Surrogacy: The Truth

Although it is not the first choice of many people who want to be parents, surrogacy is an option. It might sound weird or creepy but really it is nothing more than a delicate business transaction. There are also a few variations on the whole surrogacy topic that some people by need opt for. John Norian and Barry Behr are two of the endocrinologists who specialize in the field of infertility. They are able to run the needed tests, examinations, and things to determine what the infertility trigger is. Getting to the root cause can help get an action plan into place.
Surrogacy is when a woman carries the embryo of someone else’s and carries the child through a full pregnancy, delivery and all. Her time and medical needs are compensated for many times; other times a family member like sisters will do this for each other out of love. The process carries out like a normal IVF cycle. The variations come into play such as if donor sperm or a donor egg is needed. In rare but realistic cases, there may be a donor egg, donor sperm, and an unrelated (non-donor egg) surrogate carrying a child for a couple. This ensures that they have a child lined up to be their own right from birth.

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